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Custom-made solutions in inhalation

Inhaled medication improves people’s quality of life and can extend life expectancy. A growing number of diseases are being treated with inhaled medicines. Many treatments now use Dry Powder Inhalers, which invariably need a high quality inhalation grade of lactose to power the formulation.

DFE Pharma is a leading specialist in production of excipients for virtually every kind of dry powder inhalation device.

Inhalation lactose

Filling of a inhalation device and deposition of the drug in the lung is strongly influenced by the quality of the carrier in the drug formulation. Lactose is by far the most important carrier used for inhalants. It is one of the very few substances accepted by all medical and regulatory authorities as being ideal for inhaled medicines. Every type of inhaler requires a different grade and blend of lactose to ensure the best possible performance.

DFE Pharma is inspired by the complexity of dry powder inhaler formulations and live to find the specific carrier to fulfill the formulation needs. DFE Pharma therefore offers a comprehensive range of lactose-based excipients, designed to provide the right characteristics for the full range of inhaled medicines now being taken to market. DFE Pharma lactose can also be Customised and blended to meet specific client needs, and is developed jointly with formulators to ensure exactly the right outcomes.

Our products

DFE Pharma Inhalation develops pharmaceutical lactose that facilitates delivery of your active ingredient to the lung of patients. To support our customer, a broad and comprehensive Inhalation is available. With different techniques (sieved, milled, micronised and blending), a variety of products with different particle sizes and characteristics have been developed. The result is a range of options suitable for virtually every device, active ingredient and performance requirements. We work closely with pharmaceutical companies to design lactose particles with the required functionality for the drug, device and filling-platform.