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Offices and distrubutors

Respitose® SV014

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  • Very large crystals
  • Strictly controlled psd
  • Optimal flow

Respitose® SV014

Respitose® SV014 is a sieved inhalation-grade lactose grade with excellent flow properties and very large lactose crystals. It’s optimal flow properties provides opportunities for application in reservoir devices or to maintain the required flow and content uniformity in high dose inhalation formulations. This product can also be utilized as a “sweepener”, where the lactose deagglomerates the drug particles in an inhalation device during inhalation, propelling the drug into the respiratory tract. Respitose® SV014 is produced in a dedicated facility in Veghel, the Netherlands. Respitose® SV014 is a valuable addition to our portfolio of available solutions to help you identify the most optimal dry powder inhalation formulation faster.

Typical values


Tapped density 810 g/l
Bulk density 720 g/l

Particle size

D10 245 - 245 μm
D50 365 - 365 μm
D90 545 - 545 μm

Production site

Veghel, The Netherlands

Sample size

Default 500 g

If you require another sample size, please contact us.

Optimal flow

The combination of tomahawk shaped particles and strictly controlled particle size profile provide the excellent flow properties of Respitose® SV014.


Range of application options

Respitose® SV014 can be applied in drug formulations released by reservoir devices, to create a good flowing formulation. In a high dose formulation for inhalation, Respitose® SV014 can compensate for the reduced flow of the formulation. The coarse particles of Respitose® SV014 can also play a role in the de-agglomeration of drug particles in a formulation, thereby facilitating the delivery to the respiratory tract. Technical support of DFE pharma is available to explore other applications.



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