Primojel®: Sodium starch glycolate

Sodium starch glycolate

Primojel® is produced by cross-linking and carboxy- methylation of potato starch. It is a white, free flowing powder.

Disintegration performance

Primojel® sodium starch glycolate takes up more than 20 times its own weight of water. Rapid water penetration into the tablets and powerful swelling results in rapid disintegration. Studies show that Primojel® takes up more water than comparative products on the market and develops a strong disintegrating force making it a highly effective product. The botanic source, degree of cross-linking and degree of substitution of Primojel® have been optimised in order to give rapid water uptake by the polymer without the formation of a viscous gel that may impede water penetration into the tablet. The botanic source for sodium starch glycolate is important, potato, the source material for Primojel®, is the preferred type of starch for sodium starch glycolate.


Primojel® sodium starch glycolate is suitable for a variety of tablet and capsule formulations. In higher concentrations, Primojel® can act as a dissolution enhancing agent. Primojel® is effective when used as intra-granular or extra-granular super- disintegrant, or when divided between these locations.

SEM of Primojel®


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