Primellose®: Croscarmellose sodium

Croscarmellose sodium

Primellose® is cross-linked carboxymethylcellulose sodium. It is a white, free flowing powder. 

Disintegration performance

Cross-linking of carboxymethyl cellulose fibers reduces water solubility, and the resulting material can take up many times its own weight of water and swell power fully without losing its fibrous integrity. The combination of rapid water penetration into tablets through the hydrophilic, fibrous particles and the subsequent development of a strong disintegration force make croscarmellose sodium a very effective superdisintegrant. Primellose® is one of the most effective croscarmellose sodium products available because of the strong swelling force which it develops. The effectiveness of Primellose® may be attributed to a combination of its particle size and optimal degree of substitution.


Primellose® croscarmellose sodium is suitable for a variety of tablet and capsule formulations. Primellose® is effective in combination with both insoluble filler-binders, such as Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) and dicalciumphosphate and slightly soluble to soluble filler-binders such as mannitol and lactose at concentrations of 2-6%. It is also a choice for formulations which require non-starch products. Primellose® is effective when used as intra-granular or extra-granular superdisintegrant,or when divided between these locations.

Sem of Primellose®

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