SuperStarch® 200: Partly pregelatinised maize starch

Partly pregelatinised maize starch

SuperStarch® 200 is a partly pregelatinised maize starch that integrates multiple functionalities of binder, disintegrant, lubricant and flow-aid. SuperStarch® 200 conforms to all tests in major pharmacopoeias. The main application areas of SuperStarch® 200 include direct compression tablet formulations as well as wet granulation and capsule formulations. SuperStarch® 200 is made from maize starch containing a mixture of amylopectin and amylose. The water soluble amylose in SuperStarch® 200 provides the binding needed for tableting and granulation. Amylopectin provides the structure of unruptured starch grains enabling disintegration of a tablet by swelling of the starch grains.

SuperStarch® 200 maintains low water activity compared to other common excipients, making it suitable for formulation with water sensitive actives. Water sorption is completely reversible. SuperStarch® 200 can be used as a binder in wet granulation, either in the dry blend or dispersed in the granulating liquid.

The figure below compares the viscosity profile of SuperStarch® 200 to typical binders such as fully pregelatinised starch, starch paste and a competitor product.

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