Prejel PA5 PH: Fully pregelatinised potato starch

Fully pregelatinised potato starch

Prejel PA5 PH is a cold water swelling fully pregelatinised potato starch in the form of a white, free flowing powder. Prejel PA5 PH complies with USP–NF and Ph. Eur. and JP monographs for pregelatinised starch.

Gelatinisation is the collapse (disruption) of molecular orders within the starch granule where irreversible changes in properties occur such as granular swelling, crystallite melting, loss of birefringence, viscosity development, and starch solubilisation. Prejel PA5 PH has fully Gelatinised resulting in a high soluble content making it very suitable as a binder. 

Prejel PA5 PH is widely used in oral solid dosage forms such as tablets. In wet granulation formulations Prejel PA5 PH can be added to the granulation liquid or to the dry blend. Prejel PA5 PH removes the costs of creating a starch paste while maintaining viscosity and providing extra flowability compared to native starch. As a binder used in wet granulation Prejel PA5 PH increases the hardness of a tablet and decreases its friability.

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