Pharmacel® 112

Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC)

Extending possibilities for Direct Compression

DFE Pharma is introducing Pharmacel®112 to extend its product portfolio for direct compression, beyond a full range of anhydrous Lactose grades for formulations with moisture sensitive drugs. 

Pharmacel®112 is a directly compressible microcrystalline cellulose with a low moisture content, especially designed for formulating drugs containing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with a high sensitivity for moisture. Pharmacel®112 can be applied in a wide range of oral solid dosage forms (OSDFs) as binder, compressing agent, diluent and/or disintegrating aid. Its low moisture content may lead to improved drug stability without compromising on the performance of the final drug product.

Physical chemical properties 

With the exception of the moisture content, Pharmacel®112 has similar physical, chemical, compaction and flow properties to Pharmacel®102; making these grades excellent fillers and binders for direct compression and dry granulation processes. Pharmacel®112 can be characterized by its narrow bulk density specification and its consistent flow properties.

Pharmacel®112 and lactose formulations

DFE Pharma is the only global excipient manufacturer who offers both lactose and MCC to the market. Combining Pharmacel® with one of the lactose grades offered by DFE Pharma brings additional benefit to formulations. The combination of brittle (lactose) and plastic (MCC) excipient behavior brings optimal flow and compaction properties, allowing OSDF manufacturers to produce strong tablets with a smooth process.


The highly protective packaging guarantees complete protection of Pharmacel®112 from moisture uptake, when stored at ambient conditions.

DFE Pharma packaging Pharmacel112 (MCC)

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