Pharmaceutical grade lactose

Pharmaceutical grade lactose has been used as an excipient for more than a century. Because of its versatility, it is the backbone of many successful formulations. We can supply it to you from multiple production sites around the globe. In any quantity, and always with the same consistent high quality. That’s why we are the global market leader: a truly unique position.

Key range

A selection of highly consistent lactose products suitable for most of your Oral Solid Dose Form (OSDF) applications. These grades are part of a formulator’s first choice during the start of a new OSDF project. This range includes milled, sieved and direct compression products (spray-dried, granulated and roller dried lactose grades).   

Specialty range

A unique, broad range of milled and sieved lactose products with specific particle size distributions, accompanied by direct compression lactose products that provide unique functional properties helping you in your application.

Customised range

A fully customised lactose product to meet your specific needs mutually developed in the shortest  possible time.

Dry granulation in this overview includes roller compaction and slugging. Spheres in this overview are made by extrusion spheronisation.

  • +++ Highly recommended
  • ++ Recommended
  • + Possible but not recommended
  • o Not advised


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