Lactohale® 206

Inhalation Grade Lactose

Milled  lactose, without any fine particles

Lactohale® 206 is a milled grade of alpha-monohydrate lactose where the fine lactose particles have been removed. The mean particle size can be tightly controlled by milling to match the customer’s requirement.

Customers can further optimise their inhaled formulation for flow and deposition by blending with one of the fine grades of DFE Pharma (for example with Lactohale® 210, 220, 230 or 300). Lactohale® 206 is therefore especially of interest for formulators who are in early stage of development process or others who want to explore the design space of their formulation.


  • Milled lactose
  • Irregular shaped particles
  • No fine particles
  • Good flow   

Typical product characteristics




LH206 Graph
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