Carey Ebbett

Carey Ebbett, Global Sales Director DFE Pharma      

“Working in the healthcare industry has been my passion since I trained as a Pharmacist. Without excipients it is almost impossible to produce medicines. DFE Pharma already leads the world in the supply of Pharmaceutical Grade Lactose and is well on its journey to pursue excellence in a wide range of excipient products and solutions. It is therefore fulfilling to be part of a company that I know contributes to enabling people to live life to the full."


Carey Ebbett is the Global Business Development Director of DFE Pharma and heads the DFE Pharma North America Sales Office as of March 2017.

Carey joined DFE Pharma in 2006 and has held Leadership Team roles in Global Sales, Marketing and Operations since then. Since 1988 Carey held various roles in the healthcare industry ranging from sales and marketing to regulatory and quality assurance roles.

Prior to her role at DFE Pharma Carey was General Manager Lactose NZ (New Zealand), Fonterra NZ and member of the leadership team for Baxter Healthcare NZ.