Our company

DFE Pharma is an international company that specializes both in manufacturing world-class excipients and in partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies to improve their own product performance. DFE Pharma is jointly owned by two of the world’s top multi-national dairy companies: Royal FrieslandCampina and Fonterra, and has production locations in the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand and India. Global sales offices in Germany, the United States, Singapore, Japan, India, Brazil and China are responsible for sales into more than 100 countries worldwide. The company currently employs 360 people based in 9 countries.


DFE Pharma worldwide offices and locations


Our company is in pursuit of excipient excellence, and we aim to become acknowledged global leaders in our field. Our goal is leadership in all forms of expertise related to excipients, from original research to hands-on client support. We work every day to offer new options to the market, to improve supply and minimize time to market. Our excipient portfolio today is perhaps the most comprehensive in the market, ranging from starch, lactose and MCC to inhalants and superdisintegrants.