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Offices and distrubutors

We work with your future  in mind


At DFE Pharma, excipient excellence is what guides us on our way to developing the best possible excipient solutions for our customers. That means that we are constantly developing new services to support our customers. Services that allow us to better share our expertise with you 24/7, or that are enforcing our strive towards 100% reliability in our supply.


Expertise services

When you are developing a new pharmaceutical product, you need a partner with proven expertise. We have over 100 years of experience in developing and co-developing excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. 


Supply services

People's lives depend on your products. So you can't run the risk of not receiving your excipients. The geographical spread of our plants enable us to guarantee security of supply.


Time to market services

When you launch a new product, there is no time to waste. The sooner you get it on the market, the stronger your position. We support you in achieving that priceless competitive advantage.

  • In our Knowledge Base, your formulators can find exactly the right excipients for their formulations.
  • Our Gradefinder application allows you to immediatly find a milled or sieved lactose product matching your requirements.
  • We have a QA section in our Knowledge Base which answers more than 95% of your quesions, 24 hours per day.
  • For each of our products also all brochures and QA-documents are available.
  • Our technical and regulatory support ensures quick and successful registration.
  • To facilitate your registration process, Drug Master Files for the majority of our products are available at the FDA.


Risk mitigation services

Excipients play a significant role in the functionality and processability of a formulation. Having an excipient supply shortage could have a significant impact on your business and customers, so why not be better prepared for ensured drug supply to patients. Find out more and see how DFE Pharma can help you in a seamless transfer.