Recent developments in the field of biologics provide unique therapy options for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. Biologics offer distinct advantages over small molecules, however are far more complex to develop and manufacture. To collaborate with a reliable excipient partner is crucial to de-risk the formulation challenges as well as development timelines. As a trusted solution provider and development partner, we are committed to support our customers in the formulation process for efficacious delivery of biologics.

Enabling your success with our unique center of excellence

With BioHale®, our new excipient portfolio for biologics, we offer the highest purity excipients to be used in formulation. The first two excipients BioHale® Trehalose and BioHale® Sucrose are currently under development. Samples of these new products are now available and can be ordered online. Beyond our portfolio, customers benefit from our technical solutions. We help our customers to choose the right excipients for stabilization of biologics. In addition, DFE Pharma also ensures a robust supply chain and security in supply to unlock your competitive advantage.



Uncompromised quality with BioHale® 

By making use of the best available technologies in state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing, DFE Pharma ensures highest purity of excipients. Our excipients comply with the global regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (Ph. Eur., USP-NF, JP, ChP). The BioHale® portfolio consists of a range of non-reducing sugars, such as BioHale® Trehalose and BioHale® Sucrose and amino acids enabling stable formulations.

Supply chain security

Valued as a true excipient partner, DFE Pharma is uniquely positioned in its ability to deliver the best-in-class excipients across the various dosage forms such as for oral solid, inhalation or parenteral application – a comprehensive excipient portfolio available for your convenience. Customers trust us for our long history of providing reliable security of supply.

Technical solution provider

In addition to serving product and service excellence, DFE Pharma provides the full benefits of profound technical know-how and application knowledge for our customers. We are highly rated by our customers for our technical expertise and formulation support. With the combination of the right BioHale® excipients, we support you to create biological medicine allowing fast time-to-market for your products. Together we can create best solutions for your therapeutic actives in helping people lead healthier lives.