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Extrusion spheronisation

Extrusion spheronisation is similar in almost every respect to Wet granulation, following similar process stages. The difference are the extra stages for shaping the processed materials, typically for use in capsules that deliver active ingredients on a timed basis.

Process stages

Extrusion spheronisation follows the same process stages as those used for Wet granulation. At the end, however, there are two extra stages. First, the wet compacted mass is extruded to produce rods of material. Second, these rods are broken down into spheres through processing on rapidly spinning plates. The resultant spheres can be coated with polymer of different formulations and thickness in order to release their active ingredients at different times. When contained in capsules this provides a carefully engineered drug delivery system, suitable for specific forms of treatment. 

Excipient options

As for Wet granulation, it is possible to use different core excipients in wet granulation in order to achieve a variety of performance outcomes. The preferred options are Micro-Crystalline Cellulose (MCC), and finely-milled lactose. In this form of capsule production it is necessary to access specialist expertise in coatings. To explore the role of excipients and the different options available, click on the links below. These links will take you directly to our excipients page, which contains rich information on all DFE Pharma excipients. We also recommend that you consult one of our formulation experts in order to review all potential options and make the right choices.