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In Dry Powder Inhalation (DPI), the fastest-growing and most significant form of inhaled treatment, the effectiveness of the medicine is absolutely dependent on the excipient used to carry it. The comparatively large excipient particles release the much smaller active ingredient particles into the patient’s lungs, while themselves being deposited harmlessly onto the throat.

Growing importance of inhalants

There is an increasingly urgent need for effective inhalation treatments. A growing number of conditions are now treated by medicines designed for inhalation, and they are needed by millions of people around the world. Diseases and long-term conditions that affect the respiratory system are becoming more prevalent throughout the world. Once seen as a problem for industrialised, developed countries, these conditions are now rapidly spreading to other places, as well, driven largely by poor air quality caused by industrialisation in developing countries. Inhaled medication is only just becoming readily available in these geographies and demand is rising fast.


There is a growing range of inhalant devices, each with different performance characteristics and costs. DFE Pharma lactose is optimised for them all.

  • Reservoir devices require good flow and constant density for best performance. 
  • Capsule devices need good flowing powders and cohesive powder mixtures.
  • Blister packs need cohesive powder based on milled lactose grades.

Please contact one of our experts for the recommeded excipients. 

Role of excipients

Inhaled medicines save lives and improve quality of life for many millions of people. The effectiveness both of inhalation devices and the treatments they deliver is closely linked to the quality of the carrier used. Dry powder inhalers depend on advanced, carefully designed excipients to deliver the right active ingredients to the right location in the right quantities. This is not just a case of acting as a “filler”: the active ingredients must be released in controlled dosages exactly as required.

Our products

DFE Pharma makes a comprehensive range of lactose-based excipients, designed to offer the right characteristics for the full range of inhaled medicines now being taken to market. DFE Pharma lactose can also be blended to meet specific client needs, and developed jointly with formulators to ensure exactly the right outcomes.