Mar 25,2021

Growing healthy and aging healthy

The need for better immunity and right nutrition that supports growth have led to a significant number of parents leaning towards Nutraceuticals to help their children adapt or maintain a healthier lifestyle. Consumption of children’s vitamins and minerals, herbal formulas, and natural remedies are on the rise.

Healthy aging is the development and maintenance of optimal mental and physical well-being in older adults. As people grow older, they need fewer calories, but more nutrients to maintain proper health. Successful geriatric health involves dietary interventions that combat or address age-related diseases and other health concerns.

It can often be difficult for young children or old adults to swallow pills and hence Nutraceutical companies are constantly exploring innovative dosage forms to administer supplements in an easy-to-consume format. One such dosage form that has been gaining popularity among consumers is mini tablets.

The economical production of mini tablets does, however put a strain on the formulation development, especially due to process complexities. The formulations and ingredients therein need to be:

  • highly flowable to allow for even-filling of the inherently small die cavities
  • compactable to reduce capping tendency and allow higher active ingredient loads
  • highly dispersible to maintain high content uniformities
  • compressible with high loading of active ingredients

SuperTab® 40LL combines all these required functionalities into one single ingredient. Consequently, it expands the limits of direct compression, making it the ingredient of choice for mini-tablets and other challenging nutraceutical formulations.

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