Oct 23,2017

DFE Pharma launches a new specialty grade SuperTab® 40LL

As of 24th of October DFE Pharma offers a new specialty grade SuperTab® 40LL. SuperTab® 40LL is the newest product in DFE Pharma’s extensive direct compression portfolio composed of (anhydrous) lactose (95% w/w) and lactitol monohydrate (5% w/w).

SuperTab® 40LL was launched by DFE Pharma CEO Bas van Driel during CPhI Worldwide 2017 in Frankfurt. Bas van Driel mentioned:"DFE Pharma is happy this new product further expands our direct compression line allowing customers to make tablets better and faster with a soluble excipient."

SuperTab® 40LL provides the possibility to comfortably run highly dosed formulations (e.g. mini-tablets) through processing machines directly compressible; at high speed with good content uniformity.

For further information on our SuperTab® 40LL, related documents and sample requests visit the SuperTab® 40LL product page.

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